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Heat shrink crimp terminals Heat shrink tubing - adhesive lined
Sealed polyolefin Crimp Connectors

Our Sealed Crimp Connector product line is the finest line of "crimp-and-seal" connectors on the market today. New design features, the use of only the finest components, and an expanded product selection place Sealed Crimp Connectors squarely at the top of the class.

polyolefin heat shrink tubing

200 Series: Flexible Adhesive-Lined Specialty Tubing: 500 Series: High Adhesive Flow Heavy Wall 800 Series: Heavy Wall

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Multi-wire heat shrink terminals Crimp and solder heat shrink terminals
sealed polyolefin multiple wire connectors

The inside AND the outside diameter of the connector is varied which means that both sides will make a sound mechanical crimp. In-Line Butt Connectors - Join two wires to one Closed-End Connectors - Join two to four wires

sealed crimp solder connectors

Sealed Crimp and Solder Connectors are crimped for mechanical reliability, soldered for superior strength and conductivity, and sealed for maximum durability. When there is no margin for error.

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Solder heat shrink terminals Step down heat shrink butt terminals
sealed solder connectors

Sealed Solder Connectors are the clear choice of professionals who demand a superior electrical connection. Sealed Solder Connectors provide a high quality, sealed solder connection that takes the guesswork out of soldering.No crimp necessary.

sealed crimp solder connectors

The inside AND the outside diameter of the connector vary for a sound mechanical crimp. It also has two stripes - one on each end - to indicate which wire size to insert.The stripe matches the crimp die that needs to be used.

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Optiseal heat shrink window terminals Heat shrink tubing - High Adhesive Flow
optiseal window crimp connectors

Sealed Window Crimp Connectors offer the following visual assurances: Window ensures the wire is properly seated, Color stripes indicate where to crimp the connector, Crystal Clear waterproof tubing allows for indisputable inspection of the wire's condition.

High Adhesive Flow

500 Series:High Adhesive Flow - Both series are made of all weather, polyolefin tubing with a very active adhesive lining.

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Installation Tools Heat shrink Terminal and Heat shrink tubing Kits
heat torches and tools

We offer a variety of installation tools to fit every installers needs. Each of our tools have been selected to complement our Sealed Electrical System in order to produce the best results possible.

heat shrink terminal kits

Terminal & heat shrink tube kits can be assembled to order. We use heavy duty Fischer storage boxes made in Australia.

Product Specifications
Product specifications
Specifications for Heat Shrink Terminals & Heat Shrink tubing

Heat Shrink Terminals Heat Shrink Terminals Heat Shrink Terminals