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Sealed Crimp and Solder heat shrink terminals

Sealed Crimp and Solder Connectors are crimped for mechanical reliability, soldered for superior strength and conductivity, and sealed for maximum durability. When there is no margin for error, choose Sealed Crimp and Solder Connectors.

polyolefin Crimp and Solder Connectors

Features and Benefits

  • Crimped for mechanical reliability
  • Soldered for superior strength & conductivity
  • Sealed for maximum durability
  • Sealed Crimp & Solder connections meet or exceed the most stringent OEM standards.

Sealed Crimp and Solder Components

The Crimp Connector

polyolefin Crimp and Solder Connectors
  • Seamless butt connectors for superior crimp performance
  • Window in butt connectors allows for visual inspection
  • Butt connectors have crimp indicators where the installation tool should be positioned to crimp the connector
  • Wire-stop in butt connector prevents over-insertion of wire
  • Where possible, terminals have brazed seams to deliver a superior mechanical termination

The Solder

Solder pellet
  • Flux coating to clean metal surfaces
  • Pre-measured solder to ensure a solid termination
  • Low-temp solder alloy for ease of installation

The Heat Shrink Tubing

  • Adhesive-lined polyolefin to seal the connection
  • Color-coded with wire gauge imprint for easy wire size identification
  • Translucent tubing to allow for visual inspection


heat shrink crimp connector